Eileen Petzold-Bradley is a trainer, coach, and mediator.

She has founded “The Cultural Diplomat” to bridge cultural divides, mend communication breakdowns, and help clients resolve their conflicts. Eileen believes that conflict is an opportunity that can lead to better results when conflict coaching tools are applied, and communication channels opened. Her passion is to teach, guide others through intense systemic coaching, and help clients find new solutions that allow for transformation and growth.

Eileen is a hands-on change agent that works with youth, organisations, diverse teams, and executives and facilitates, moderates, and guides clients through difficult individual or group conflicts. She offers empowerment sessions, career and life coaching, communications training and cross-cultural training, and narrative mediation for the successful resolution of conflict.

Eileen Petzold-Bradley is an American and native of Panama based in Europe in Berlin, Germany. Eileen has more than 20+ years of successful leadership experience in coaching, policy advising, intercultural training, communications consulting, educational empowerment, and English language training. Eileen speaks fluent English, German, and Spanish and holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Spanish.

Currently, she is a part-time doctoral candidate and graduate assistant specialising in Conflict Analysis & Resolution at NOVA University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and is a certified “Systematic Coach.”
Previously, Eileen was Managing Director and Owner of her own English Language Center, and Master Franchisor for Berlin and Brandenburg for the Helen Doron Educational Group Helen Doron.

Eileen has strong intercultural communication skills to influence negotiations positively and is an engaging and compelling public speaker. She also led various environmental and security projects for research think tanks and non-governmental organisations, including: Institute for Biodiversity, Adelphi Research, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency, and Ecologic. She also coordinated and organised conferences and workshops for the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Ministry of the Environment and worked for the US Army as a Latin American security analyst.

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